Understanding Waste Handling Laws

Whether your facility is a hospital, veterinary clinic, dentist’s office, funeral home or tattoo shop, there are strict federal and state laws you must abide by when it comes to bio waste disposal in Jupiter area. It’s crucial that you and your staff understand these laws and put a policy in place that includes consequences for those who don’t abide by them. Every state’s Department of Health outlines in detail what they expect when it comes to medical and biohazard waste. The outline includes the following:

*Definitions: These include comprehensive definitions for terms such as disinfectant, medical waste, non-medical waste, absorbent and body fluids. These help staff determine the types of waste that get sorted into bio waste vs. ‘regular’ waste.

*Storage and containment: This outlines how the waste can be disposed and how long it can safely be contained. For example, in many states, storage of biomedical waste cannot exceed 30 days. The document may also dictate where these storage and containers are to be located within the facility.

*Labels: The health and safety document may indicate how the waste is to be labelled. For example, your facility may be required to label all waste bags and containers with the facilities name and address.

*Treatment: The bio waste will need to be treated before it is disposed of. The document will outline the treatment procedure for each type of waste. For example, steam treatments may be required for some waste, while others may require chemicals, dry heat or microwave shredding.

*Licensed Waste Transporters: The company you choose for waste removal will have to be registered and have special permits in order to remove the waste. Drivers need to go through thorough background checks and be specially trained in how to safely manage bio waste.

Understanding your local waste handling laws regarding Bio Waste Disposal in Jupiter will help ensure your facility adheres to all rules and regulations.

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