What Is Included in Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatica in Eden Prairie?

Sciatica is a condition in which the sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the body, suffers some type of damage, compression, or inflammation. The pain runs any length of this nerve which begins around the lower back and spine area, runs into the hips, and runs down into the legs. Chiropractic treatment for sciatica in Eden Prairie is noninvasive and can be very effective at resolving the pain you feel for good. Keep in mind, everyone’s specific needs are different. Your chiropractor can then offer recommendations for you, personally.

Selecting the Right Treatment

After coming in to see your chiropractor, he or she performs diagnostic testing to determine where the area of concern is. Then, the proper chiropractic treatment for sciatica in Eden Prairie is possible. This treatment may include manual adjustments. In this procedure, your chiropractor uses gentle, non-painful force to properly align the spinal column. In doing so, it is possible to reduce pressure on the nerve causing the pain. Spinal decompression may be necessary for individuals who have a pinched nerve causing the pain. Massage therapy can also be beneficial to many individuals. It works to stimulate blood flow to the area to help encourage the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Most of the time, a chiropractor can recommend several treatments.

A holistic, noninvasive approach to sciatic pain is often best. Before you consider surgery or give up any more of your life being of the pain you feel, seek out a chiropractor. Chiropractic treatment for sciatica in Eden Prairie can be very effective as well as very safe to perform. You may be happy to learn just how much improvement you can see from just a single visit to your chiropractor.

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