Considerations When Selecting A Champagne Capsule

Sparkling wines have always been a popular option for celebratory events such as weddings, anniversaries, bridal showers, promotions and celebrations of personal accomplishments.

The choice of sparkling wines for everyday enjoyment is also on the rise, which has led to a resurgence of brands of these wines on the market. For vineyards producing established and new options in these light, enjoyable wines, finding ways to have their products stand out on the shelf is essential.

Branding Considerations

Labeling and branding with sparkling wines need to capture the attention of the consumer. This includes everything from the label colors through to the choice of a champagne capsule for the top.

When considering a design and color combination for a champagne capsule, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. As each vineyard will typically have their own branding and labels in place, pairing the capsule with the current label and branding programs will always be a central focus to create an elegant looking presentation. The brand and other required information can be printed or hot stamped to create the ideal classic look of champagne labeling.

Materials and Design Features

The top capsules used for champagnes and sparkling wines are three-ply in construction. They include an aluminum-polyethylene-aluminum material with a seamed skirt. They also feature a paper and aluminum top disc as well as grillages, or small patterned holes located along the top sides of the capsule.

The champagne capsule is designed to fit over the cork and wire on the top of the sparkling wine bottle and then form to the sides of the neck of the bottle. They should include tear tape for easy removal of the capsule. Quality capsules eliminate the problem of shredding of the foil of the capsule that is very common with cheap options, particularly as become wet from condensation during the chilling process.

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