Wine Bottle Capsules for Extra Protection

by | Sep 4, 2017 | Wine

Packaging your wine bottles in capsules is a great way to offer extra product protection to ensure your wine stays safe during transport. Wine bottle capsules are available in several different materials, and styles are completely custom so that your capsules look like the rest of your marketing and product materials.

These capsules help prevent product loss during the shipping and distribution phase, saving your company money in replacement of the lost product. Because of this savings, wine bottle capsules are very cost effective and pay for themselves.

Wine bottle capsules also offer you the ability to create a distinctive and high-end look for your product. Consumers love to give wine packaged in capsules and gifts, and they love to receive wine packaged this way, too. A bottle of wine simply looks more suited to gift giving when it is packaged in a beautiful capsule. This packaging is especially appealing to your distributors who run gift shops or gourmet food and wine shops because it is such a big special occasion seller.

Your wine bottle capsule vendor has lots of ideas to help you make your capsules unique and beautiful, as well as cost effective and highly protective. They can work with your current logos and marketing themes to design a capsule that perfectly suits your product and your company image. By allowing them to bring their expertise to the table, pairing it with your marketing expertise, you’ll end up with a capsule that offers all the protection and style your wine bottles deserve.

If you aren’t currently using wine bottle capsules for your products, take the time to evaluate this product and see how it can transform your packaging. The right wine bottle capsule provides great protection and great looks for your wine.

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