Fluoropolymer Coating – What is It and What are its Applications?

More than likely you have been exposed to a particular type of industrial coating referred to as fluoropolymer coating. It is used extensively in the manufacturing and industrial arenas for an array of applications.

Fluoropolymer Coatings Defined

In order to understand what fluoropolymer is, it is necessary to take a moment and discuss polymers. In essence, polymers consist of chemical compounds containing molecules of low mass. Polymers we are exposed to on a daily basis include wool, plastic, and rubber.

Created in the 1930s, fluoropolymers are particular types of polymer that possess special capabilities. They consist of sturdy carbon-fluoride bonds. As such, it is a type of polymer that does not bond easily with other types of materials. Some of the specific fluoropolymer products with which you may be familiar include Fluon, Teflon, and Xylan.

Benefits of Fluoropolymer Coating

A dry film lubricant alternative cannot exceed the characteristics of fluoropolymer coatings in terms of hardness, slickness, and consistency of surface. Additional benefits provided by this coating include enhanced galling and wetting resistance, lowered tendency for friction, and protection against external chemicals and corrosion.

Industry Applications

There are various applications that benefit from this type of coating. You can find it used with materials located on the job and at home. Some of the industries and applications that use fluoropolymer coatings include:


This type of coating is used extensively on vehicle parts in order to inhibit the occurrence of normal wear and tear and corrosion. It helps extend and maintain the proper operation of a motor vehicle.

Insulation and Wiring

The aviation industry utilizes fluoropolymer coating for wiring applications. The coating serves to protect wires that extend throughout the aircraft. The protection they provide helps avoid the chances of the fire on board, enhancing the safety of all types of flights.

Food Preparation

Due to the fact that this polymer possesses excellent chemical compound resistance characteristics, it is used in the food preparation industry to protect nonstick pots, molds, pans, and trays. As a result, cooking and cleaning with these tools is easier and faster. Teflon is one of the most well-known types of coating used in the food industry.

If you need fluoropolymer coatings for your industrial or manufacturing applications, contact an experienced industrial coatings supplier serving your area.

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