Tips for Choosing Carved Wood Doors

Log cabins, country homes, and custom designed homes all benefit from the investment in unique, custom wood doors. In these spaces, every detail matters. Choosing carved wood doors for your home gives you the ability to choose a door you simply love the look of and the overall function of. For example, imagine a large door, made of slabs of wood held together with ironwork. This type of door makes a statement immediately. It can be an excellent investment in your home. But, how do you choose the right doors and wood?

Making It Easy

Once you find a company specializing in carved wood doors, your next step is to consider all of your options. First, consider the wood – pine, alder, and others are good choices for both interior and exterior doors. Then, choose the shape and size. If you are building from scratch, consider a larger door for more of a dominating, prominent look. Or, consider a rounded top to the door instead of the same basic design.

You can also look at more options. For example, choose doors with carved details int them such as a scenic landscape. You can also add features important to you such as names or images of things you love. You can then choose to keep the doors natural or stain them.

The most important step to take when choosing carved wood doors is to choose the right company to buy them from. Look for a company with incredible experience. They should be able to machine any specification for you and create a one of a kind door just the way you want it. Hand carving adds a lot of value to your home, and it can make any log cabin truly feel as though it is special.

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