What Is a Pneumatic Pilot Valve?

In many operating systems, there is the need to control the flow of air or gas through the system. Yet, a hands-off approach is often best for this. You need the system to adjust as needed. In situations like this, the use of a pneumatic pilot valve may be necessary. For those who are designing a new product or those working to repair or replace another system, these valves can be a critical component in the operation.

How Do They Work?

This type of valve has a specific function. The pneumatic pilot valve has a small valve on it. This specific valve allows for improved control over high pressure, and it can also control high flow feed. Most will feature a limited flow control feed on them that leads to and controls a separate piloted valve. These are very important components, and they are generally a key part of the emergency equipment and safety controls. Though they can be designed for automatic use, what makes them unique is that they are most often controlled by a person.

How to Create a Custom Product

In some situations, it is necessary to develop a customized pilot valve. It can be a very specific configuration, or it may fit a very specific type of operation. When it comes to customization, it can be harder to find the product necessary unless you are working with a company who specializes in these products.

Some of the best companies can create the pneumatic pilot valve necessary to meet a variety of standards, and they can be superior in quality. This is often necessary to ensure the system is working at its best. It is important to work with a company capable of creating exactly what you need or is willing to work closely with you to design a solution to your problem.

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