How to Plan a Whole Party Around Your Photo Booth

Are you thinking of using a photo booth for your next party but aren’t sure how to justify the investment? While photo booth rental is probably more affordable than you think it is, it’s also something worth celebrating all on its own. Think of it – entertainment, memory capturing, and family fun, all in one fee. Now, that’s worth having a party for!

Here’s how to build your entire event around your photo booth and really get your money’s worth with photo booth rental:

Start with the Invitations

Let your guests know right away that there will be a photo booth at your event. Choose photographs for invitations or have a camera or photo-themed décor scheme that carries over into your invitations. This will get your guests excited before they even RSVP!

Decorate with Props

Looking for something fun to decorate tables with at your party? Choose photobooth accessories as table scatter and centerpieces. That way, fun extras will be right within reach of each of your guests at any given time!

Make It a Game

What’s more fun than a photo booth at a party? Playing games while you’re taking photos! Make a game of seeing which guests can make the silliest faces, who can wear the most accessories, or play a game of charades with the printed photos that come from the photo booth after each guest takes their turn. Everyone will be able to get in on the fun, every time.

Send Home Favors

Of course, nothing makes your party memorable like a great party favor to take home. And nothing is as perfect a party favor as a photo of all the fun. Do both by providing printed photos for your guests to take home – a readymade memory, made to help them recall just how much fun your event was!

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