Stay safe when traveling abroad by getting necessary travel vaccinations before you take off

If you are planning a trip abroad there is a possibility, depending on the country, that you could be exposed to a multitude of diseases that your body is not equipped to handle. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to cancel your travel plans– you can protect yourself with vaccinations for certain endemic diseases at Urgi-Med Urgent Care in Randolph.

Common travel vaccinations include hepatitis A, hepatitis B, tetanus, Japanese encephalitis, polio, meningitis, typhoid and yellow fever. The medical professionals at Urgi-Med Urgent Care can inform you which vaccines are recommended for your travel destination and advise you when they should be administered so that your body can develop the necessary immunity for any possible diseases.

How vaccines work

Vaccines often contain microorganisms of a disease in either a dead or weakened form which work to elicit a response from your body that stimulates your immune system in producing necessary antibodies that fight against that particular organism. So, if you encounter the organism again you will be able to successfully defend off the microbe. Vaccines are considered to be safe and only have rare occurrences of adverse reactions which our doctor’s can explain to you at your appointment.

Get Travel Vaccinations at Urgi-Med Urgent Care in Randolph

If you live or work in Morris County New Jersey, one of the best ways to receive travel vaccinations is at Urgi-Med Urgent Care in Randolph. Once you know your travel schedule, call their friendly and caring medical team for information and advice on what vaccinations are recommended for both adults and children according to your travel timetable.

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