What Happens When You Need Oral Surgery for Your Wisdom Teeth?

Your wisdom teeth are the last teeth to cut through in your mouth. They are also the most likely to be problematic. Wisdom teeth typically cut through between the ages of seventeen and twenty-one. Sometimes, they can become impacted or grow in sideways, making them a danger to your other teeth. This is why many people elect to have their wisdom teeth removed when they reach the age of eighteen. Whether you are choosing to have your teeth removed proactively or are experiencing problems, the procedure for removal is the same. This information will assist you in knowing what to expect from your Oral Surgery to remove your wisdom teeth.

If you need to have any of your wisdom teeth removed, the dentist will normally want to remove all of them at once. This procedure is done under general anesthetic, so it is safer and does not cause you pain, discomfort or anxiety. Once you are under anesthesia, your Oral Surgery will begin with the dentist making an incision in your gum tissue. This incision will allow the dentist to begin working on removing your teeth.

Some wisdom teeth are difficult to remove, because the roots are grown into the jawbone. If this issue occurs, the dentist will cut the roots from the bone and work to remove the teeth. After your teeth have been removed, your gums will be sutured close.

After this procedure, you may have a moderate degree of bruising and swelling. This is normal and will go down. It is important you take care of your healing gums by avoiding smoking, drinking through a straw or spitting. These actions can cause a painful dry socket to occur.

Your dentist will give you ample instructions on caring for your gums as you recover. It is important you eat a soft foods diet until your sutures dissolve, so you will not damage the areas that are healing.

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