What Do You Get If You Purchase VIP Tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood™

Whether you’re going for a short time and want to cram everything in, or you just want a premium experience during your visit to Universal Studios Hollywood™, a VIP ticket might be just what you’re looking for. But what exactly do VIP tickets get you? Here’s what’s in store for you if you pick up VIP tickets and make use of one of the best Universal Studios Hollywood™ deals.

Unlimited Express Access

Beat the queues and get straight to the rides with VIP tickets. This can be a real boost when you’re contending with the LA summer sun and waiting to get on your seventh ride of the day. VIP tickets come with unlimited, reusable express access as standard so that you can fit even more into your day. Although the queues at Universal Studios Hollywood™ are often fun in themselves, you can’t beat express access for the ideal theme park experience.

Exclusive Access

Your VIP ticket gets you to the back lot where you can explore areas normally closed to the public. This means visiting actual stages where some of Hollywood’s biggest stars perform and film blockbuster movies. Access also includes a visit to Universal Studios Hollywood™’s World-Famous Property Department, which holds thousands of decorations and set pieces from well-known movies and television sets.

On top of that, you’ll have the chance to walk through the actual sets of War of the Worlds, see a working soundstage, and find out loads of inside information around the magic of Hollywood.

Expert Tour Guide

You’ll have a personal VIP guide who escorts you to the best seats in the house for shows and guides you through your magical day. This includes reserved seating at all Universal Studios Hollywood’s™ shows.

Although the film maintains a dubious reputation, Waterworld earned its redemption in one of Universal Studios Hollywood’s™ most acclaimed shows ever. There’s nothing like feeling the heat of the pyrotechnics from right in the front row. Warning: You will get wet!

Gourmet Lunch and Refreshments

While you might want to grab some cotton candy during the day, for that traditional theme park feeling, you’ll be grateful for the gourmet lunch that comes with your VIP tickets. Enjoy fine dining in an exclusive location for the perfect respite from your busy day at the park. After lunch you’ll be ready to dive right back into the action, taking a trip to Hogsmeade™ or venturing into Jurassic Park.

An exclusive VIP lounge will also serve light refreshments during the day, so you can always stop back to escape the heat and stay hydrated, keeping your day of movie magic enjoyable and comfortable.

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