Do You Need a Commercial Freezer Repair in Cranberry Township, PA?

If you want to maintain the life of your commercial freezer, you need to have it checked regularly. Doing so will prevent costly repairs and keep you from experiencing long periods of downtime. Even if your freezer is a top brand, it needs regular checks and repairs to stay operational.

Is the Equipment Cooling the Food?

One common reason for a freezer repair in Cranberry Township, PA typically has to do with the temperature. If the freezer is not adequately cooling the food, you need to have it checked. In some instances, the freezer or refrigerator is not powering up as it should.

Before calling out a technician about a freezer repair, make sure that the plugs are plugged in and the switches have been turned to “on.” Also, remember that most manufacturer warranties are voided if you use an extension cord.

Talk to an Expert in the Refrigeration Field

You need to contact a refrigeration or freezer repair specialist when your equipment is not working as it should. Why troubleshoot this type of problem yourself when you can talk to an expert? You may not know this, but if your freezer is placed next to the wall, you can end up with a problem. Place the freezer slightly away from the wall to allow the air to circulate.

Who to Call in Your Community

You also need to make sure that the door on a refrigerator or freezer shuts properly. If the door does not close tightly, the cooling may be affected. You can learn more about these kinds of tips when you call the professionals at Fugh Refrigeration. Sometimes a repair or a problem can be easily fixed. Even if it cannot, it is good to know that you can ask questions or schedule a repair or inspection. Make sure that you maintain your equipment so you can keep your customers happy.

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