What Are Cloud Computing Advantages And Disadvantages?

Cloud computing is evolving in leaps and bounds, with many types of companies-small and large- adapting and accepting this new technology. Cloud Computing Advantages and Disadvantages do not compare. Based on industry standards, the advantages of cloud computing far outweigh the disadvantages.

Curt Burnside is a Cloud Computing Technology Consultant and an industry expert. He, along with other experts, believes that this trend of cloud computing will only continue to grow and develop at an exponential rate within the next few years. Cloud computing is unequivocally beneficial for mid to large sized companies, but it does have its downsides when it comes to smaller businesses. The experts can explain Cloud Computing Advantages and Disadvantages to users.

Cloud computing advantages and disadvantages by Business Name can be listed in a concise manner. The advantages include cost efficiency, an almost unlimited source of storage, relatively easy backup and recovery, an automatic means to integrate software, an easy avenue to access information, and quick deployment. The disadvantages of cloud computing are mainly security related, including the fact that it is prone to attack by external hackers if the proper security measures are not taken. Also, a company’s sensitive and private information is released to a third-party cloud services provider. Because of this, it is important to choose a reputable company that has a record of being trustworthy. Also, the company should have experts that are well-versed in cloud computing technology and can be trusted with the overall well-being of a company.

The numerous advantages definitely make it worth the risk of a few disadvantages. By being cost effective and providing an unlimited source of storage, cloud computing technology is a green resource that will make using paper relatively obsolete. The ease of backing up files, means that if there should be a cause for a company’s servers to crash or go down, nothing major will be lost. Within a few minutes, everything can be restored and the company can keep being productive with a minimum interruption to daily activities. By being able to integrate software automatically, it will save a company’s IT department the time and expense of having to update software individually among the different computers within the company. The advantages of cloud computing technology definitely outweighs the disadvantages.

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