Sealcoating Service Should be Selected After Due Diligence has Been Done

Asphalt sealcoating is a protective material which should be applied after the asphalt pavement has been created. Sealcoating helps the asphalt pavement by providing a protective surface which reduces or prevents the asphalt pavement breakdown. Sealcoating not only protects the asphalt pavement, but it adds beauty to the area paved. If the area is a parking lot, then customers will be impressed with a nice parking lot that shows you care about your business. A Sealcoating Service can make a big difference in the outcome.

Seal coating has many benefits and among these are:

• The asphalt surface will last longer with continued maintenance

1. Repairs will be reduced which saves money.
2. Seal coating will not crack under cold or high temperatures and it will maintain flexibilty.
3. Reduces oxidation to prevent thining down the asphalt.
4. Puts and end to raveling of the aggregate.
5. Prevents women for getting high heel shoes caught in cracks.
6. The pavement will once again be a dark black color.
7. Imperfections are minimized.

The chemical composition of seal coating is important. Sealcoating Service knows that sealcoating materials should be mixed at the plant. This process provides the best results for a longer lasting product. The composition of seal coating is going to give it the results that are the best if the best material are used to make it.

Coal tar is the base used for the sealer and silica sand is added to make the surface skid resistant. A latex material is mixed in to strengthen the sealant properties. Latex promotes faster drying while also enhancing durability, flexibility, and improving gas, oil and chemical resistances to materials left by vehicles that leak.

Seal coating is designed to enhance the finish of the asphalt pavement and to protect for 3 to 5 years. At that time, the seal coating should be re-applied. Seal coating should not be used to:

1. Fill cracks or repair alligator surfaces.
2. Strengthen asphalt pavement.
3. Improve the flexibility of the asphalt pavement.

Before applying seal coating, a property owner or government agency should do their due diligence and talk with Asphalt Solutions Plus about the surface condition of the asphalt pavement and the type of sealant mix that would be the best for the application.



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