Water Table Sills: What, Why, and Where To Get Them

For all the beauty that rain may bring to Mother Nature, it sure can wreak havoc on buildings. Just as it will slowly carve its way through a cliff, water will work away at the exterior material of homes and businesses alike, causing costly, if not irreparable, damage.

For residents and contractors in the Garden State, water table sills are an ideal way to protect your property from the insidious effects of rainwater. By collecting and deflecting water, sills protect the structural integrity of your facade and boost both its aesthetic value and durability for years to come.

Fashioned out of stone, sills can be finished with a variety of materials to match or complement your property. Customized to whichever look and feel you seek, the added beauty and elegance of your water table sills will be second only to their practical functionality.

Whether you are building your first home or have been contracted to revamp an old one, water table sills should be top on your list. A premier provider of New Jersey hard- and landscaping materials, NJ Gravel & Sand Company is proud to offer an extensive range of sill products, and we invite the public to stop by our yard or check out our selection online.

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