Using Holographic Stickers—Marketing and Security

Holographic stickers are by no means new to the business world. Recently there has been a large influx in the use of holograms. In today’s highly brand-driven economy, companies are doing whatever they can to make their logos and brand name products stand out from the competition.

This is where custom holographic labels and 3D technology come in. Not only are holographs a good investment for marketing purposes, but they are also being referred to as the future of advertising. Furthermore, by using holograms, companies add an extra layer of protection in terms of security.

The process of Holography creates a 3D (three-dimensional) record and reconstruction of information. What this means is that holographic stickers are more than just pretty images to look at on your favorite products. Holograms combined the latest technology with precision graphic design to engage and excite.

Holographic stickers for marketing purposes means your brand is easily recognized whether you are selling hats or computer software. A brand that is easily recognized increases a company’s revenue and consumer retention rate. With so many brands to choose from, something as simple and small as holographic logo or label can really grab a consumer’s attention.

Scientifically speaking, holograms create lasting impression on the consumer by engaging their interest. What this means is besides grabbing people’s attention, implementing holograms into your business-marketing scheme demonstrates innovation and imagination.

As an extra security measure, holographic stickers can be added to products, packages, documents and identification badges. In addition to providing general security, using custom-made holographs allows a company to prove authentication and protect against counterfeit duplication. By integrating hologram labels into both printing and packaging, a company is truly safeguarding their product.

No matter if your company decides on holographic stickers using holograms and 3D technology on a larger scale, your company can save thousands of dollars. So, it’s no wonder that the many of the top brands use holographic labels for security purposes and holograms in their marketing efforts. Saving money, earning money and creating a reliable, authentic product, all while gaining life-long customers—who knew a small sticker could do some much.

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