Why 360 Degree Feedback Is Essential?

Recently, a new type of methodology has taken the business world by storm – 360 degree feedback. Unlike the usual type of feedback that a business professional or boss might give his or her employees, this feedback is anonymous, therefore allowing workers to go about their daily duties in the knowledge that their ability is being focused on in a less-pressured manner. Pressure can cause workers to become overwhelmed and give up at the first hurdle, but it’s important to remember that everyone deserves a chance to blossom. No matter how diverse your group of workers are, this form of employee management could offer the following major advantages.

Uncover the Potential of Employees

So, you read your new employee’s resume, you assessed their qualifications and you got in touch with their previous employer, but does this really tell you a lot about his or her full potential? The best way to find out how capable someone is at doing their job is to put them in charge from time to time, whilst watching their every move. Of course this can seem daunting to the person being monitored, which is why an anonymous 369 degree review will prove useful. Conducted by fellow workers and people in a managerial position, the reviews will be completed in a confidential manner, but will highlight an employee’s strengths, as well as their weaknesses.

Use a Wide Variety of Sources

You won’t be getting feedback from just one person when 360 degree reviews are completed, because the “360 degree” term refers to the all-round approach you and your employee(s) will benefit from. The bigger the number of sources providing information about a worker’s performance, the clearer your image will be of that individual. This information could help you to pick out workers for higher paying roles and could even assist in filtering out workers who just aren’t right for the particular role.

Improve Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

Positive feedback (if it is due following a 360 degree review) will undoubtedly make your employees want to work harder and excel in every area possible. When someone feels that they are doing their job right, they will get a stronger urge to progress in that area and as a result, job satisfaction will improve. Customers like to liaise with a pleasant, happy-faced worker, so take this as an opportunity to not only strengthen your workforce but also, to solidify your customer base.

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