A Pediatric Ophthalmologist: High Quality Pediatric Eye Care

Your child needs vision for life. A good start towards this goal is to make sure any sings of visual impairment are caught in time and treated appropriately. One partner in providing high quality pediatric eye care is a pediatric ophthalmologist. In Grand Rapids, several professionals who are members of this profession are available operating out of local clinics. They can address any visual problems that may be affecting your child’s ability to see properly.

What is a Pediatric Ophthalmologist?

A pediatric ophthalmologist is, simply put, an Eye Doctor. He or she specializes in pediatric eye care. He or she diagnoses and treats eye care problems affecting children. This is the field of study they have focused on following the obtaining of their medical degree and surgical studies.

The pediatric ophthalmologists in Grand Rapids have intensive training, expertise and knowledge in the examination and treatment of children with visual impairment and other related eye problems. This includes the ability to treat visual issues relating to or caused by other health problems such as diabetes.

What Pediatric Eye Care Services Does an Ophthalmologist Provide?

Pediatric ophthalmologists perform a very special function in the field of pediatric eye care. They are capable of providing several related services in this regard. The following services are an integral part of their focused work:

* Diagnosis: Pediatric eye care specialists must know how to diagnose child visual problems. This includes the ability to recognize ones that originate with another health problem e.g. type-1 diabetes and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA)

* Eye Examinations

* Surgical Procedures: This also embraces microsurgery, and laser surgery. Such procedures are necessary in cases of infections, crossed eyes, retinal problems, weak eye muscles and tear ducts that have become blocked

* Trauma Care: Pediatric eye care specialists provide excellent care for injured eyes

* Prescriptions: While pediatric ophthalmologists may write prescriptions for medications, they are also able to write those for eyeglasses and contact lenses.

* Follow-Up: A good pediatric eye care specialist will always follow up on the initial treatment and visit of his or her clients

Overall, in Grand Rapids, a pediatric ophthalmologist provides inclusive care and treatment while acting as a resource center for those who are concerned with their children’s vision. They provide these services backed by training that guides them in their handling of children.

Finding a Pediatric Ophthalmologist in Grand Rapids

You can find pediatric eye care specialists practicing in a variety of medical settings. You may find them in Grand River medical facilities and institutions such as:

* Children’s Hospitals
* College Medical Centers
* Community Hospitals
* Community Clinics

You can easily locate them in a phone book or through an internet search.

Pediatric Eye Care

You have a pediatrician for the general health care needs of your children. However, when it comes to their eyes, a pediatric ophthalmologist is the right choice. In fact, your pediatrician may be the first to make such a suggestion. If he or she does, listen and take them to the best pediatric eye care specialist in Grand Rapids – an experienced, well-trained and knowledgeable pediatric ophthalmologist.

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