Using A Key Duplicating Service in Central El Paso TX Responsibly

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Locksmith

A Key Duplicating Service in Central El Paso TX provides a great service for people who need copies of keys. A basic key doesn’t take that long to copy. It’s something that can usually done in minutes. It’s important that people use these services the right way and take care of their duplicate keys.

Handing Out Too Many Copies

One way that a person can misuse a duplicating service is to make too many copies of their keys. They might give copies to family members. A new boyfriend or girlfriend might get a copy. Their best friend might have a key to their place. Giving away too many copies of a key is just asking for trouble. If a person wants a lot of people to have access to their home, they should upgrade to a smartlock that accepts multiple codes.

Copies Of Copies

When a person uses a Key Duplicating Service in Central El Paso TX, they have to think of copies being made from their copy. If a person is in a relationship, they might give their partner a key to their place. What if they breakup? They might then ask for the key back. But if they think that the other person will misuse the key, they should assume that a copy has been made or will be made before the key is returned. When people hand out copies of their keys, they should expect that they might have to change the locks.

Keeping Copies In Bad Places

Some people get copies made and put them in terrible places that thieves can easily discover. Putting a copy of a key under a door mat or under a flower pot near the door is just a bad idea. Hiding a copy of a key outside is a huge mistake. Even if a good hiding place is chosen, a person might be seen by someone when they retrieve the key. It’s just to easy for the hiding spot to be compromised and then the key will be used for unauthorized entry.

If a person understands how they should handle a copy of their key, they can Contact Business Name for service. Getting a key made isn’t going to take up too much of a person’s time.

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