Frigidaire Air Conditioners in Port Charlotte, FL: Combat Year-Round Use with Ongoing Care

Right now, some areas are already being plagued by snow and ice; at the very least, portions of the United States are gearing up against frigid temperatures. Areas like Port Charlotte, on the other hand, are enjoying perpetual short sleeves and light jackets. Though home and business heating systems are on plenty of minds at this point, Frigidaire Air Conditioners in Port Charlotte FL continue to serve their purposes well. When air conditioners are in demand all year long, they tend to need a little extra care.

Keep Outside Units Clear

Keeping outside units at least partially shaded during the day can lighten their workload to an extent, but overcrowding has the opposite effect. Trees, flowers and shrubs should be trimmed back away from the outdoor components of AC units to give them a little beneficial breathing room. When the time comes for routine inspections, regular maintenance and repairs, having the space around the unit cleared of foliage and debris will also make matters easier.

Stick to Routine Maintenance

Experts recommend having air conditioners inspected at least once each year, preferably during the off season. If those units are in use all year long, there is no off season. At the same time, they’re under the added strain of year-round wear and tear. In cases like this, twice-annual inspections couldn’t hurt. This type of proactive measure will help catch potential problems before they have a chance to grow out of control and go a long way toward extending the life of the unit and its components.

Keep the Air Clean

Air conditioners are equipped with filters to help remove pathogens, allergens and other tiny particles from the air. In order to work at optimum capacity, these filters need to be changed out at least twice each year. Homes with pets should generally double this number. In areas where allergens are year-round issues, Frigidaire Air Conditioners in Port Charlotte FL may need even more frequent filter changes to help improve indoor air quality.

All these proactive steps help increase efficiency while reducing the strain placed on air conditioners. Keeping up with routine maintenance, changing out dirty filters regularly and removing any excess growth or debris around outside units will ensure they operate at peak capacity and last as long as possible. Contact AA Temperature Services INC. for more information or to set up an inspection schedule. You can also follow them on Twitter for latest news and update!

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