Used Trucks or SUVs – Which are Best?

Modern cars have a lot to offer, but trucks and SUVs have much more. In fact, these vehicles are very popular for many reasons. For most car shoppers, it’s hard to decide which vehicle is best. Here are some of the pros and cons on used trucks and SUVs to help you make your decision.

Sports Utility Vehicle Pros

You get plenty of power when you buy an SUV. If you need to accelerate on the highway, an SUV is quicker because they are not usually geared as low as most pickup trucks. Because it has rear wheel drive, an SUV gives you a big advantage over a standard passenger car, as you can tow your boat or many types of trailers. SUVs are safer than many cars today because they are heavier.

Good Things about Used Trucks

Many features which make SUVs more attractive than cars are also available with pickup trucks. For example, trucks are larger and safer than cars. You can easily tow things with a truck. However, when it comes to hauling cargo, a truck wins out hands down. Trucks can haul all kinds of materials. For example, suppose you need to move a fridge or washing machine. Your truck can handle the job easily.

Sorting Out the Differences

Here are some reasons to buy an SUV:

  • Kids – unless you buy an extended cab truck, you could have a hard time fitting all your passengers in.
  • Two back seats for more passengers
  • Vacations and traveling – more room gives you greater convenience.
  • Towing

Here are reasons to buy used trucks:

  • Cheaper than comparable SUVs
  • Cargo hauling
  • Home improvement projects
  • Off-road driving

Both pickup trucks and SUVs give you many benefits. When you buy a pre-owned vehicle make sure to visit a trusted source, specializing in used cars.

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