Upgrading To A Self-Propelled Boat Trailer

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Boat Trailers

For owners of boatyards and marinas, having the necessary equipment to move boats in and out of storage or in and out of repair facilities is an important consideration.

In the past, marinas and boatyards had to rely on towable yard trailers, which are a good option and a great trailer, but they do lack the mobility and the ease of operation possible with a self-propelled boat trailer. It is important to carefully consider the design, manufacturing and the maneuverability of different trailers to get the correct match for the boats and space.

The idea trailer will have the ability to move boats of various sizes up to the maximum for the trailer. The hydraulics will be state-of-the-art, and the supports and safety features on the trailer will ensure effective transport of boats over any type of yard surface.


One of the most important differences any operator will notice when upgrading from a towable to a self-propelled boat trailer is the increase in maneuverability. This not only makes work easier for the yard crew, but it also increases the potential space for boat storage.

When the trailers can be easily positioned to move boats safely next to each other without having to leave additional space for moving the truck and the trailer, the entire yard becomes more efficient. It is also easier to move boats into and out of the water with just a single person.


The top designers of self-propelled boat trailer models are careful to include high levels of operator visibility with their design. This allows the operator to see all around the trailer and the boat, providing a clear line of sight to avoid accidents and to provide safe movement of the trailer.
Some of the models of trailers will even feature video cameras mounted on the frame of the trailer. This will transmit images to a monitor on the operator platform, allowing full visibility for loading the boat without having to leave the platform.

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