A Few Things Boat Owners Should Know About Storing Boats on Stands

If you are thinking about purchasing a boat, you will need to consider where you will store the boat when it is not in use. If you are going to store it on dry land, perhaps in your garage, it will need to be placed on stands, a storage rack, or a trailer. This will keep the boat safe.

A Few Things to Know about Storing a Boat on Stands

If you decide to go the route of using custom boat stands, you may wonder which option to choose. Since you will be storing a valuable possession, you want to purchase high quality stands. It is usually wise to purchase stands that are made of steel angle iron. When this material is properly finished, it will provide just the durability you are looking for. Also, it will resist corrosion, which is something that is necessary when boats are used in saltwater.

Most stands use a tripod frame. This is an efficient design that will provide a sturdy platform for the boat to rest on. It is helpful if the stands come with protective pads, which will prevent the boat from getting scratched.

You want to be sure that the stands are placed firmly on the ground. If the ground surface is soft, you can use extra support under the stand. If you are going to be storing a power boat, you will need two stands for every 10 feet of boat. The same equation applies to sailboats, but they typically need a V-pad stand to store them properly.

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