Understanding Systems And Trends In Storefronts In DC

The optimal location for a business is on a busy street with a storefront window. If utilized properly, this is the best kind of free advertising that a business owner can ask for. If an owner has opened up a new storefront business, they should know the current systems and trends in Storefronts DC.

Understanding Storefront Systems

The glass on a storefront window is only part of the system. Sealants, weatherstripping, fasteners, and the frame make up the entire system. Over the last decade, storefront systems have changed for the better. If the business owner wants to create the best storefront for their business, they should work with a glass contractor who is up to date on the current industry standards.

Current Trends In Storefront Glass

The type of glass that a business owner uses for their storefront is just as important as what they put in the window to bring in customers. If a business owner wants to create the most aesthetically pleasing storefront, they should be up to date on the current trends in storefront glass.

• Tinted Glass: Window tinting is very common in storefront windows today. If the business owner wants a certain degree of privacy from people passing by, they can have a dark tint installed. If they want a certain degree of visibility, they can have a lighter colored tint installed. Window tinting will keep the sun’s glare out of the business and it will make the storefront look more modern and sleek.

Energy Efficiency: A great deal of heat and cool air can escape through a storefront window. This would cause the business owner’s heating and cooling costs to rise. It can also make working near the window uncomfortable for employees. If the business owner installs an energy efficient window system, it will keep costs down and make the interior of the business more comfortable.

Window Glazing: Window glazing provides added security to the business. During the glazing process, a layer of film is applied to the glass. If an intruder were to try to gain access to the business by breaking the window, it won’t shatter. Window glazing is also popular for businesses in earthquake-prone areas. If the glass cannot shatter, people on either side of the window won’t be injured.

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