Landscaping in Kihei Includes Turf Management

If you want your yard to convey a lush and green carpet, you need to work with a landscaper who is an expert in turf management. By taking this stance, you can enjoy a higher property value and a more beautiful yard.

Increasing Sustainability

The idea of turf management, when used in landscaping in Kihei, involves developing sustainable and ecological ways for managing grassy areas. That is why turf management is often employed at resort locations. Turf management is used to enhance the landscape of resorts, athletic fields, parks, and golf courses.

An expert in turf management and landscaping focuses on integration horticulture, pest management, and soil science. Turf is cultivated for flood control and the reduction of erosion as well. Grass also filters pollutants and cleans the air. By developing a turf using the right techniques, the area wildlife is also preserved.

Developing a Well-Manicured Lawn

Whether you need an expert in turf management and landscaping for a commercial or residential property, you can greatly benefit from the association. If your goal is to display a well-manicured lawn, you need to make sure that your landscaper is knowledgeable in all the aspects of turf management and lawn care.

Landscaping your property is essential for improving the environment and maintaining the health of your yard. For example, did you know that a lawn has a cooling effect? In fact, eight residential lawns of an average size have the same effect with respect to cooling as approximately 24 air conditioners. Also, a lawn measuring 2,500 square feet produces enough oxygen for about four people.

A Cooler, Temperate Climate

On a warm day, a lawn will be on average about 14 degrees cooler than bare ground or about 30 degrees cooler than asphalt. Therefore, it is easy to see why lawns are revered in Hawaii as they keep the surrounding atmosphere cooler and more temperate.

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