Types of Flame Resistant Clothing

Flame resistant clothing is a made from materials that are nonflammable. The clothing prevents the spread of fire, but can still burn since not all the fibers in the clothing are flame resistant. There are many types of flame resistant apparel, highlighted below.


A lot of children’s sleepwear apparel is flame resistant. These articles of clothing are labeled as such and go through rigorous testing to ensure safety standards are met. Flame resistant pants and tops are form fitting yet comfortably breathable. Many parents look for flame resistant clothing for peace of mind.

Construction Wear

Many construction companies are not providing flame resistant clothing to their employees. On job sites, it is easy for an accidental fire to break out do to user error. Adding that extra layer of safety protects the employee from dramatic burns and injury that could occur. Flame resistant tops and now pants are starting to be more prevalent in these sites.

Industrial Wear

Industrial apparel also offers flame resistant clothing. Welders, for example, often wear this protective clothing while on the job. Working closely with flame and sparks, it is easy for an errant ember to fall on clothing and possible catch fire. With the flame resistant clothing, the burn does not catch fire as quickly and can be put out in good time. While the person can still burn, the extent of injuries can be mitigated by wearing the protective clothes.

Polyester and certain other artificial fibers are flame resistant. They are slow to catch fire and typically will melt, rather than erupt in fire. They are a good choice to wear if you work in an environment where fire can happen relatively quickly and easily or even at home. Even layering the clothes would be an excellent idea and provide multiple layers of protection for the body.

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