3 Uses For Stick On Labels in Your California Based Clothing Store

When you own a clothing store, you will have occasions in which you’ll want to pass on information. When that information pertains to a specific garment, it makes sense to use stick on clothing labels. These labels can be applied quickly and removed without damaging the material. This makes these types of labels ideal for sharing information with customers or employees.

Pass on Time-Sensitive Information

If your store is having a sale or a clearance on certain items, adding stick-on labels to those garments can help you share that information. The labels can be customized to share information about the sale, such as the percentage of the discount and the date upon which the sale will end. This makes it easier to differentiate sale items from regularly priced garments.

Identify Special Instructions

When shopping, people rarely check the manufacturer’s tags for care instructions. This can cause confusion when the customer gets home and learns that the garment can’t be washed in a regular washing machine. You can add stick-on labels to let customers know that certain items are intended for dry cleaning only or have other special care instructions.

Simplify Inventory Counts

You can also use stick on clothing labels internally to help your employees keep closer track of their counts during a store-wide inventory. By attaching a label to each garment as it’s counted, you can help your team avoid miscounting your stock. When they can identify a counted item at a glance, they will keep better track of the items you have in stock.

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