Tungsten Carbide Scrap Suppliers Can Purchase Your Scrap Metal

Tungsten carbide is a durable metal alloy used to create industrial tools and replacement parts for machinery. Its most unique feature is its ability to be melted down and reused in other parts and alloys. Tungsten carbide scrap suppliers offer services to buy your old scraps for recycling and reuse. They provide your company with carbide scrap and custom parts for later use.

Available Types of Scrap
Carbide scrap comes in two main forms for industrial manufacturing. Hard scrap consists of shavings and portions of metal left over from the manufacturing process. Sludge, also known as soft scrap, is composed of carbide grit and powder combined with water. Both forms have a variable range of tungsten content that can be adjusted based on the required strength of a component or tool. Tungsten carbide scrap suppliers provide both kinds for manufacturing and in-facility use.

Potential Uses
After purchasing scraps and melting them down, they can be used to make a variety of industrial products. Tungsten carbide grit is used in construction vehicles to prevent parts from slipping and protecting exposed parts from onsite damage. In pellet form, carbides can be welded into pipes and their supports for reinforcement and increased durability. They are usually mixed with other alloys to create tool steel, a sturdy metal used to make construction equipment and replacement parts.

If these parts break or become damaged, tungsten carbide scrap suppliers can melt them down to make new replacements in a short amount of time. Tungsten carbide can be crushed and mixed with other metals to form a fine powder that can be used as industrial mesh.

Selling to Suppliers
Suppliers can accept all forms of tungsten carbide scrap to be recycled for resale to other companies or immediate reuse. They can test available samples for purity to determine the sample’s potential uses and appropriate price based on the purity. Once the metal has been purchased, your business will receive money for the sample and have the option to make new parts and equipment from the scrap. If you do not wish to reuse the scrap, you will be reimbursed within a week of shipping it to the supplier.

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