Top 3 Secrets of a Successful Real Estate Agent

If you recently graduated from real estate school and are struggling to get your agency off the ground, you may be ready to give up and go back to school for a more traditional degree. Don’t do so just yet though. Nobody said that real estate was going to be easy. With time, dedication and perseverance, you’ll finally find the success you imagined when you enrolled in the program all those months ago. To give you a head start, successful real estate agents offer the following words of wisdom:

Think “Small”

This may sound counterintuitive, but by treating your real estate business as just that – small business, you will start to see more success than when you were approaching your business as a hobby. Whether you work under a broker or have already branched out on your own, always think about ways that you can market yourself. Build up your online portfolio, put together an engaging bio and set up a website. Think of ways that you can put your name out there and then follow through. The more places you are, the more memorable you’ll become—which is exactly what you want.

Stop Selling

Again, this may sound counterintuitive, but potential homeowners don’t want to be sold to—they want to fall in love. It is your job to show them the home that they can spend the rest of their life in. Finding that home involves getting to know your clients and being intimately aware of their wants and needs, current and future. In short, being a real estate agent is less about selling and more about building relationships. Build relationships with your clients, and you’ll start seeing success.

Stick to a Budget

You may want to spend all of your income on marketing, but doing so is unnecessary and a huge mistake. Set aside a portion of your income for business expenses and use only that. If you start to dip into your personal savings, you’re doing something wrong, and it may be time to revisit your business plan.

Real estate school may teach you a lot, but the experience will teach you more. Heed these tips from the best, and you’ll do fine!

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