The Advantages Of Owing A Ford SUV

If you are seriously considering an SUV you are going to be faced with a host of automakers, each with their own take on what an SUV should be. When you focus on a Ford SUV in Bedford Park you are not given an option of one vehicle, Ford offers SUVs in different arrangements that have been designed to suit all different needs. When you buy a Ford SUV you can choose from compact, midsize or large vehicles.

Regardless of which Ford SUV in Bedford Park you home in on you can rest assured it will carry a minimum of five passengers with room to spare. If you have a large family and need space for eight, Ford has you covered. If cargo capacity is important, all Ford SUVs are designed with that in mind, the rear seat folds down to increase cargo capacity considerably. With Ford you get a choice of attractive trims and choice of engines.

The main advantages of owning a Ford SUV:

All weather capacity:

Living and working in Chicagoland has its ups and downs. In the summer you can hook up your travel trailer and enjoy everything the mid west has to offer but come the winter you can expect to battle the elements. Ford SUVs can handle it all; two wheel or four wheel drive, exceptional handling and plenty of power to pull your trailer of get you through knee deep snow.


A  SUV in Bedford Park is extremely versatile. Some have third row seats that can be easily folded down for added cargo space. It is not only the larger SUVs that have folding seats, most Ford SUVs also have second row seats that fold out of the way. Ford SUVs have plenty of space for people or cargo.

Off road capabilities:

If you love going off road, you will love to do it in a Ford SUV. The four wheel drive option gets you a rough and tough SUV that can comfortably deal with any type of terrain.

These are but three of the numerous advantages to owning and driving a Ford SUV in Bedford Park; these vehicles are also inherently safe and have engine choices to suit your specific needs.

If you are looking for a Ford SUV in Bedford Park you will find the complete range including the EcoSport, Escape, Flex, Edge, Expedition and Explorer at Hawk Ford Oak Lawn. Visit us to know more information.

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