5 Steps to Launch a Real Estate Career

You enjoy going to open houses and seeing the possibilities each home has to offer. You follow realtor websites to see what the current market looks like. If either of these things are true, you may find an exciting career once you obtain a Utah real estate license. Here are five steps to making your dream career a reality.

To learn the basics of real estate and how to be an effective agent, the first thing you need to do is to take real estate courses. These 120-hour pre-license courses supply you with the information you will need to pass your licensing exam. Courses are offered in person, but many people prefer online courses that allow them to take the course at their own pace and convenience.

After you have finished your real estate courses, you will need to take a licensing exam. Make sure that you read the exam handbook so that you know what to expect. Sign up in time to take the test, and pay the exam fees. On the day of the exam, make sure you have the proper identification and proof that you have finished your pre-licensing course.

Once you have passed your license exam, you will need to apply for a Utah real estate license. If your criminal record from the last 3-5 year is clean and you submit your application according to the instructions, your license is likely to be approved.

When you are starting your real estate career, it is a good idea to team up with a broker who can help you get started. The school where you took your courses is a great resource for networking with brokers in your area. It is also a great place to continue your education, ensuring that you stay on top of trends in the real estate field.

With a little time and financial investment, you can become a real estate agent. If you take the appropriate courses and exam, apply for your Utah real estate license, find a broker and continue your education, you are on the path to a new career.

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