Tools That Heavy Machinery Movers in Dallas Use

While heavy machinery certainly makes factory manufacturing immensely easier, it is not quite as easy to move as its smaller brethren. Some machinery may seem so large and cumbersome that it seems it would be impossible to move. Below are the tools that professional Machinery Movers in Dallas say they use the most frequently.

Machine skates consist of a square or rectangular platform that has wheels attached to each corner. This way the machinery can simply be rolled across the floor versus having to pick it up and carry it. Some machine skates even come with 360-degree wheels and a removable steering arm for increased mobility.

Roller skids are very similar to machine skates but differ in the aspect of the skids being bolted onto the machinery. Once the machinery is mechanically lifted onto the skid, it is bolted tight against the machinery to avoid dangerous slippage. Skids usually take over from skates when the machinery is extremely large. Commercial units are widely available capable of carrying in the range of 2500 to 35,000 pounds.

Toe jacks are used to lift the corner of a piece of heavy machinery up so that either skates or skids can be put underneath it to move it. They are generally used when a forklift is not able to be used by Machinery Movers in Dallas.

When machinery that has a weight distribution that is uneven needs to be moved, most experts agree that air bearings are the best solution. Bearing-like components are filled with compressed air and the machinery is lifted up over the floor. The visual of the large machinery floating across the floor is quite grand indeed.

In the cases where the machinery is not necessarily large but is very heavy, the simple hand-truck, or dolly as some may call it, comes in very handy. There are several types of dollies that are manufactured for specific purposes, such as appliance dollies and furniture dollies, as well as machinery dollies that companies such as these would use.

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