Basket Weave Duty Gear for Durability

Sheriff uniforms and accessories see a lot of wear and tear. While officers have multiple uniforms they can rotate through, their accessories, like cuff holders and straps, are used day after day. Since most departments have limited resources for replacement of such gear, it’s extremely important that it be durable and cost effective.

Brown leather basket weave duty gear is among the most popular of accessories for sheriff’s departments for a reason. These pieces are extremely long wearing and durable, ensuring that departments can stay within their uniform budgets for the year without worrying that their officers will quickly wear out their leather accessories.

In addition to being durable, basket weave duty gear looks professional and high end, so officers are proud of how they look when they go out into the field each day. You’ll find a wide range of accessories in the basket weave design, ensuring all your department’s needs can be met with this line of duty gear.

Working with a trusted accessories supplier that carries a wide range of basket weave duty gear products can help department stretch their budgets. If your supplier consistently has the products you want in stock, you can make purchases as your budget allows, ensuring you have replacements as you need them, without having to carry so much inventory that it strains the departmental budget.

There’s no question your department will feel well dressed and professional when you incorporate basket weave duty gear into their uniforms. You can also depend upon their most used accessories, like duty belts and holders, looking great and wearing well for a long time. Departments that switch to these long-lasting accessories consistently re-order because they can count on these pieces to be fashionable and durable complements to their department uniforms.

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