Why Paving Projects Begin with Excavation in Guilford CT

Paving projects, whether they are for driveways, parking lots, walkways, or tennis and basketball courts, begin with excavation in Guilford, CT. Excavation is required to ensure proper drainage of runoff water. Depending on the project and the condition of the existing surface, the excavation depth is different for each new project. Driveways, for example, require less excavation than parking lots. Once the area is excavated, a stone base is placed down to allow water to drain from the area. If there is no stone base, water can build up under the asphalt or concrete and damage the surface.

Cracks, pushed up areas, and crumbling along the edges is typically the result of poor drainage. That requires costly repairs, possible resurfacing, or the need to start the project over in extreme cases. It is important, when comparing paving companies, to ask how far down excavation in Guilford, CT will go for the project. How much stone-based material will be put down is also an essential question to ask prior to selecting a company.

Some experienced companies have in-house engineering professionals to determine excavation levels for every project. Small projects, such as a residential walkway, receive the same professional attention as large commercial parking lots or municipal tennis courts. That ensures the durability and functionality of the finished pavement. Customers can visit the website of an excavation company for details regarding experience, complete capabilities, and free estimates. Consultations are offered as well.

Taking the time to assess drainage needs, calculating the right excavation depth, and configuring the stone base material means customers will be completely satisfied with the results. A driveway to a homeowner is just as much of an investment as community sports courts are to a municipality. That new “Park and Ride” lot off the highway exit will require more drainage correction than the entryway to the new office building downtown, but both will fall apart if the job is not done right the first time. Avoid the time and cost of frequent repairs to paved areas by utilizing an experienced company that will handle every aspect of the project from beginning to end.

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