Tips to Set-up Outdoor Sound System

Do you need a good outdoor sound system for your line of work? How about an effective PA system or maybe something for sporting events? You might have a lot of outdoor trade show exhibits to attend, or you maybe you just want something for outdoor music. These useful tips will help you install a system which is effective, without adding a great deal of accessories and hard work.


Did you know you can have too many speakers for your system? For example, you are giving a presentation in a large stadium. If you install speakers all around the area, you might create an echo effect and this can make it very hard for your audience to understand what you are saying.

Do you want to make sure everyone can hear you, even way in the back? Consider elevating your speakers. This will help the sound carry all the way out. It also will be easier on those in front, as sound will not bounce off them. In addition, be sure your speakers are pointed in the direction of your audience for maximum sound penetration.

Horn Speakers

You have probably seen horn type speakers in large outdoor settings. These speakers can be very effective. However, you may get better sound with modern outdoor speakers, because they usually have better fidelity and clarity. Also, some horn speakers make a ringing sound and this can be irritating to people near the speakers. Remember to choose a system which can handle the capacity of your audience.


Are you planning on entertaining with music? You’ll need plenty of bass, especially for modern music. However, a lot of bass is not good for voice transmission, as it can vibrate your audience and make them feel uncomfortable.


Keep microphones to a minimum, as too many can cause interference. If you want to simplify your installation, choose quality microphones which do not have wires. This will eliminate many headaches and possible tripping hazards.

Test Your New System

You’ll need people to stand in various parts of the area, to give you a good idea of how your outdoor sound system is performing. Check to see how much you can turn up the volume without causing interference noises. This will keep you from hurting your audience’s ears during your event. When you shop outdoor sound systems, consider one of the many excellent portable systems on the market today. They are a breeze to set up, and this will save you a lot of time and trouble.

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