Tips for Selecting the Best Wedding Venues in New Lenox IL

When a couple gets engaged, they have quite a few things to consider. One of the most important is where they are going to get married. Finding the best Wedding Venues in New Lenox IL can be challenging, which is why it is essential to use the tips here. Doing this will help ensure the perfect place to say “I do,” is found.

Determine the Budget and Guest List

While a couple may not have a complete idea of their budget or guest list in the very beginning, they should try to develop a general idea of how many people are going to be invited and how much can be spent. This will help to guide the list of Wedding Venues in New Lenox IL that is made. After all, a venue that is too small or out of budget for the couple will be immediately eliminated.

Consider the Style of the Big Day

Regardless of the preferred style, a blow-out bash, low-key celebration, boho, formal or rustic, the wedding style will play a huge role in determining where the event should take place. The couple should also consider whether or not they prefer a non-traditional or traditional venue. There are plenty of different, unique venues that regularly host weddings besides churches, such as galleries and barns.

Consider the Wedding Day Logistics

Once a list of potential venues is created, it is time to pay each one a visit. While it is completely possible to fall in love with a venue the instant it is seen, it is still essential to consider the logistics of hosting the event in that space. For example, is it located in a hard to get to location, is the weather unsuitable and will the venue be ideal for the reception, as well? Take some time to consider all this to be sure the right venue is found.

To look at a quality venue for a wedding, check out the Odyssey Country Club. Take some time to schedule an appointment to tour the facility to see if it will work for the wedding that has been planned. Doing this will help a couple get a first-hand look at the space and whether or not it is right for their needs.

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