Interior Wood Doors: Making A Statement

While naturally, the focal door of any home is the entryway, this does not mean you cannot have interior doors that also make a statement. In fact, a conscientious homeowner should never neglect the look or style of interior doors. Not only do they serve a very basic purpose, they should make their own contribution to the home. This is one reason why, when it comes to choosing the right door for the job, interior wood doors make a better impression.

The Role of Interior Doors

Too little attention is paid to interior doors. They are often seen as a means of clearly closing off one room from another. As such, they are a tool of separation. A closed interior door is not an invitation to enter. It indicates the desire for privacy. It is a do-not-disturb sign all on its own.
Besides separation and privacy, some interior doors are constructed to provide security. In certain countries, interior wood doors are covered with bars. They have locks and are often reinforced. This makes them a different kind of haven – a safe room.

Yet, doors can also play another role. They can reflect the nature of the home and/or its occupants. While teens and children may attach posters and signs to their doors, this is not the only way an interior wood door can reflect the nature of its residents. Consider the design as one way of capturing the residential essence.

Victorian Interior Wood Doors

To discover a classic example of interior wood doors that make an effective statement, simply look at the Victorian era (cl830 – cl900). Victorian doors were often quite ornate. The door that led to the parlor was carefully constructed as a means of impressing visitors. The paneling of such doors made a bold statement. Painting of doors indicated the importance of the door and, often, the function of the room for which the door provided entry.

French doors often separated the dining room from the others. It may also be employed as a means of making a statement about the importance of the family having a piano room. A conservatory door may also be distinguished clearly. While the Georgian era (cl750 – c1830) featured refined and delicately elegant exterior and interior wood doors, the Victorians established a boldness of style and color. Interior doors, contrary to todays, also tended to exhibit the solidness and heaviness that came from ornate work and solid wood structures.

Interior Wood Doors

It is clear from times past that interior doors were more than a means to separate rooms. They said something about the class, style preference and usage of a room. Today, when you consider replacing your current interior doors, consider this tradition form the past. Choose interior wood doors with an eye of making a statement about yourself and your home.

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