5 Ways to Make Your Corporate Event Stand Out

Planning a corporate event can be difficult enough as it is, but coming up with ways to make it unique or fun can just seem like another stressful item on your plate. Here are five suggestions to get you started:

1. Come up with a theme

Brainstorm a simple, yet engaging theme that fits in with your company’s goals or accomplishments. Are you “making waves” in your industry? Go with an ocean theme. Are you “pulling ahead” of your sales goals? Maybe a loose racing theme will do. This is your chance to get creative and give attendees something to admire.

2. Brand your event

Be sure to include branding to boost company morale. Banners, displays, or even party favors customized with your logo will do. Just be sure not to overdo it; you won’t want to seem like you’re overcompensating for something else that is lacking at the event or within the company.

3. Hire entertainment

Break up the monotony of presentations and work-related speeches with some entertainment. Hiring a band, comedian, or even someone famous or locally known to give a motivational speech are all viable options. This will give your attendees (and their brains) a bit of a break.

4. Choose your speakers wisely

Choosing speakers and presenters that will engage the attendees is key. You’ll want to choose speakers with personality, who can present information in an engaging and interesting way, without boring the audience. Just because this is a corporate event doesn’t mean that things have to be dry; speakers with a sense of humor or a creative streak are great choices to keep your attendees at attention and enjoying their experience.

5. Make networking and socializing fun

Make sure that you schedule some downtime for socializing and networking among your guests. Coming up with a creative form of icebreaker to encourage socialization will maximize attendee interaction. You might even want to go the extra mile and include something very unique, like a video booth rental. Companies like ISH Events can supply you with a photo booth for attendees to use. Encourage headshots, or just encourage fun! Plus, a video booth will allow your attendees to leave reviews or commentary about your event.

Take these ideas into consideration to see if they’ll work for your event, or build off of them to create another unique experience. Corporate event planning doesn’t have to be completely stressful; find a way to make it fun with some fresh and creative ideas, and give your attendees an experience they’ll be talking about until the next event.

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