Tips for Planning a Catered Event Menu that is Going to Impress Your Attendees

by | May 3, 2017 | Food and Drink

If you are in charge of planning what is going to be served at an event, you need to consider what food management service you will use. The ability the company has to meet your specific menu needs will determine if guests have a great time. Unfortunately, if the catered event you are planning serves subpar food, then that is what it will be remembered for. Some tips to ensure your menu is successful can be found here.

Get to Know Your Guest Profile

Before you begin working with your selected food management service to plan the menu you need to consider the profile of the guests that are being invited to the event. For example, many business people go to events during the year and the phrase that is commonly heard is “rubber chicken circuit.” If you want to avoid this unflattering description, then you should consider the following:

* Your guest’s ethnic backgrounds

* How professionally your guests are

* The location of the event and where your guests live

* How frequently your guests attend events that are similar

When you know the answers to these questions you can share it with the food management service you are working with to determine what foods should be served.

Get to Know Guest Preferences

Once you know the profile of your guests, you should get to know their preferences. In most cases, the food management service you have hired can help you with this. For example, if there are older people attending, then they may appreciate a milder menu. If many of the attendees are worried about fitness and health, then they may prefer vegetarian and seafood options.

Taking the time to get to know your guests will help you select a menu that ensures everyone has a great experience. The right food management service will help you do this with ease.

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