Why a Pawn Shop Is the Best Place to Sell Diamonds in Lombard

by | May 3, 2017 | Jewelry

Diamonds are some of the most sought after and beloved gems in the world, but there are times when it makes sense to sell them. It is logical to sell inherited pieces that are out of date and have no sentimental value or when diamonds are part of broken jewelry. Fortunately, Chicago businesses like RJ Jewelry & Loan Company make the process simple and profitable. They pay well, accept broken jewelry and help clients convert inherited pieces into cash.

Appraisers Offer Top Dollar for Jewelry

Customers can take their diamonds to established pawn businesses and have them evaluated by appraisers. They always know current market prices for a range of valuables and pay fair prices. When customers visit pawn shops to sell diamonds Lombard appraisers evaluate precious metals like gold, silver and platinum as well as the stones. As a result, clients can get top dollar for many items they thought were useless. That is often because shops pay well for broken rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Clients Can Trade Diamonds for New Jewelry

Pawn shops also attract clients who want to use the value of their diamonds to buy other items sold in the shops. High quality pawn businesses take in dozens of valuables, many in like-new condition. Shop jewelers also clean and repair pieces. That makes the stores great sources for affordable fine jewelry. Although many clients think their only option is to sell diamonds Lombard pawn shop staff can often help them trade for things they want. Some trade evenly, while others apply the value of their diamonds against other items. Many clients use unwanted diamond jewelry to buy gifts or even wedding sets.

Pawn Shops Offer Value for Inherited Items

A pawn shop is also a great place to have inherited items appraised and repaired. Some customers also convert pieces into cash inheritances by selling them to the stores. Experts can appraise valuables of any age or type. They not only pay well for diamond jewelry, but also precious metals, coins, high end watches, collectibles and art.

Selling diamonds to a high-quality pawn shop is a smart move. The businesses include appraisers who accurately evaluate jewelry and buy it for cash or allow clients to trade diamonds for other valuables. The stores also appraise and buy a wide variety of estate jewelry and other valuables.

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