Tips For Finding a Good Pet Sitter

Finding a good pet sitter isn’t always easy. And whether you’re looking for someone to care for your pet at home while you’re away or you’d prefer to board your pet somewhere that feels more like a home than a typical kennel, a bit of research can help you.

Talk to Local Pet Lovers
Do you know who your friends and neighbors use for their Fanwood pet sitting / boarding service? It could be advantageous to talk to a few different options so that you can make an informed decision.

Do Online Research
Looking at reviews of local pet sitting, and / or boarding options can help you narrow your search. Reviews and testimonials can be extremely helpful. While a bad review doesn’t necessarily mean a specific option isn’t good, several bad reviews will certainly give most people pause.

Consider a Day Before a Whole Week
For those looking to board their pet for several days to a week, hopefully you’ve got time before you need to use a first-time pet minding service so that you can try it out. Booking your pet in for a day of doggie daycare, for example, can help you gauge the service and see how your pet responds to it. This can be helpful to the pet, too, because if the one-day experience is a positive one, they may show excitement if you need to board them for an overnight stay. It could be less traumatic for the pet as well as for you.

Getting familiar with rates, policies, reviews, and trying a service out can all help you feel confident you’ve found the right service for your needs as well as the needs of your beloved pet.

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