Small Or Large Dog Chew Bones: Which Is Right For Your Dog?

Dogs chew. It is a fact of their and our lives. As it is part of their normal behavior, it is important to choose the right type of chew bone for your companion. As a dog parent, it is your responsibility to see they have the right bone for their chewing style and size. With both small and large dog chew bones on the market, this is not an easy task.

Chew Bone Size and Other Matters

Having access to a good, flavorful chew can occupy a dog for hours. It relieves boredom, gives you a break and can help the dog’s dental situation. However, this is only applicable IF you match the dog to the chew. Consider the following factors:

Dog Size: A large dog should never be given a small, hard chewable. These present choking hazards – particularly if the dog has a habit of scarfing down food of any type.

Chew Style: An aggressive chewer requires a chew that is long lasting, does not splinter and is hard enough, but not too hard. A dog that chews for short periods requires something softer and more easily breeched.

Bone Size: Always match the size of your bone to the dog. Big dogs require large dog bone chews to keep them happy and occupied. Small dogs need something more size appropriate

Age: Age should play a role in what chew bones you select. Young puppies need something to meet their teething demands. Older dogs generally require maintenance but not chews that are too hard for their gums and teeth.

Small or Large Dog Bone Chews

While many choices are available, take care in what you chose. Know your dog. This is important. It is also essential for you to do your research on the different types of chew bones. If you are knowledgeable in both areas, it becomes easier to choose between small and large dog bone chews for your companion animal.

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