How to Hire Professional Painters ?

by | Dec 15, 2017 | Painting Services

Interior painting is not as simple as it might seem, and amateur work shows in every last detail. From streaky walls to paint on the trim and ceilings, an amateur paint job can make you feel as bad as it looks. After all, no one wants to get durable paint on their cherry-oak trim or on their Victorian ceilings. To prevent a painting disaster from occurring in your home, you should hire only top rated Portland Painters! Not sure what to look for in a painting company? Use these tips to find quality interior painting services near you:

Ask About Processes

Reputable painting companies should be able to tell you about their processes for both prepping and painting. If a company cannot detail precisely what its painters do from start to finish, then chances are that it is not concerned with producing quality results and ensuring customer satisfaction. A proper response to a question about the painting process should include taping, tarping and priming in addition to the actual painting.

Ask for Pictures

Reputable painters are proud of their work and have a portfolio available for potential customers to peruse when they’re in the middle of the decision making process. This portfolio should be on the company’s website, but if it’s not, ask each company you interview for pictures. If a company doesn’t have any for you to look at, it may not be as professional as it claims to be.

Ask About Price

Of course, the final cost is going to factor into your final decision, but before you choose the company with the lowest bid, ask about what the price includes. Some companies give a total price for everything, including prepping, painting and materials, while others give an estimate that is just for the painting. If this is the case, you may think that you’re getting a steal when in actuality, they’ll end up stealing from you (in a figurative sense). The best companies will be honest and upfront about what their estimates entail.

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