Tips for Clearing Clogged Drains in Tacoma

by | Sep 25, 2017 | Plumbing and Plumbers

There is nothing more frustrating than a sink that doesn’t drain. Whether a slow or stopped, a plugged drain can often bring the day’s activities to a stop. It can be hard to cook, clean, or perform the various tasks needed to maintain a home if the water doesn’t drain. It is important to clear Clogged Drains in Tacoma as soon as possible to get the home back to normal. There are many methods available to clear a drain.


A plunger is a useful tool for removing minor clogs from sink and toilet drains. With a little force, this handy tool can create a vacuum that can pull up clogs and allow a drain to flow freely again. However, they are not very useful for drains that are only partially clogged. In addition, a plunger has the potential to push a clog further down the pipe. This can create a clog deep in the main drainage pipe, causing drainage issues throughout the home.

Store bought drain cleaner

Over-the-counter drain cleaning products can be a benefit for clogs that consist of hair and oils. It can even benefit partially clogged drains. The chemicals can attack the clog and dissolve it to open the drains. Unfortunately, these chemicals can be problematic. Some drain fixtures can deteriorate from the use of the chemicals. They can dissolve seals and can potentially cause pipes to leak or break.

Call a plumber

Calling a plumber for Clogged Drains in Tacoma may be the best option. A plumber can more easily determine the cause of the clog and take steps to rectify the problem. They are experienced and equipped to handle any plumbing issue in the home. They can safely and quickly remove a clog without causing further damage to the home. In addition, they are able to provide drain cleaning services that can completely remove any buildup on the lines.

In addition to clearing clogs, plumbers can help with various other problems throughout the home. They can repair or replace any water or sewer line in the home. They can also install many water appliances, such as water heaters and filtering units. They can also help with various gas line problems. They can provide proper service to ensure a safe and healthy home.

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