Tips For Choosing A Provider For Call Center Automation

The call center of any business, corporation, group or organization is really the heart of the operation. An efficient, positive and professional experience for customers calling into a call center is going to set the tone for interaction.

Automation of call centers doesn’t have to alter that experience. There are options for call center automation using operator assistant and voice recognition systems that allow a truly personal experience for the customer with all the efficiency and effectiveness of an automated system.

Making a Choice

As a business owner or manager, selecting a provider for call center automation required a good understanding of how you want the incoming callers to experience this initial contact with the business. Some providers offer a more computerized and limited service while others provide a fully customized system.

There are several factors that will be essential to consider if the quality of the caller’s experience is a high priority. If simply having the ability to answer and route calls are the goal, any provider is likely to be a good match. However, keep in mind these systems will provide only limited menu selection and they will increase caller frustration for anything but the most basic types of calls.

Experience in the Industry

There are some companies offering full customized call center automation with decades of experience in the automated answering systems industry. These companies have extensive data and research on caller behaviors, which translates into programming superior systems to recognize speech patterns and correctly respond to callers in a natural, normal type of conversational experience.

With these systems, there are no complicated menus, scrolling and pushing of buttons to get to yet another menu. Instead, the caller simply tells the operator assistant what he or she needs or wants and the system makes the connection to provide the information or the personal contact requested.


The best companies will offer a range of different customization options for the systems they provide. This allows your business to choose the features you want and to integrate them into different areas of the business.

Systems can be set up for incoming public calls, employee calls, to provide general information or to provide access to directories within the company or business. There are also specialized systems for use in specific applications such as in the healthcare, insurance or other specific industries.


The cost of using these superior systems for automation of a call center can be surprisingly low. Look for a provider offering flat monthly rate for service as well as the ability to scale up to cover your business as it grows.

An exceptional company will even be able to guarantee performance for their system, allowing for a marketed decrease in the number of calls live operators are handling, making your business more customer-friendly month after month.

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