Collaborative Divorce with a Family Lawyer in Siverdale WA Could be Ideal for Parents

Anytime a married couple is no longer planning to live together as husband and wife, divorce is the ideal solution. Remaining married indefinitely can create a host of problems. Divorce allows a couple to divide their assets and debts legally and begin filing their taxes as single people again. Although the process could be stressful, the outcome is usually worth the effort. Divorcing couples have more than one option to legally end their marriages.

Traditional divorce might be the best choice if a couple is unable or unwilling to compromise and settle their divorce amicably. In situations where one spouse suspects the other of hiding assets or if one spouse has a history of trying to manipulate the other, this type of divorce may offer the legal protections necessary to ensure each partner receives an equitable portion of the marital assets. Although it tends to cost more, in some cases, this is the only way to reach a fair settlement.

Another option is collaborative divorce. With this method, couples work together, with the help of their attorneys, to agree on a settlement outside of court. Each spouse hires their own Family Lawyer in Silverdale Wa who has experience helping clients resolve their differences without litigation. This method is typically a lot cheaper than a traditional divorce, but that isn’t the only reason couples opt for it over litigation.

By collaborating and compromising, couples with children are able to set a good example. They show there are ways to resolve differences other than fighting. Divorce can be stressful for kids but when they know their parents are working together to find a solution that will help them live happy and productive lives, they may be better able to cope with the transition.

Starting a collaborative divorce with a Family Lawyer in Silverdale Wa requires a commitment. If one or both spouses decides to end the collaborative process, they will both have to seek new attorneys and start the divorce over. Paperwork is not filed with the court until the case is ready to settle. It’s important for couples to consider all of their options carefully before they invest time and money in an attorney.

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