Tips for Area Rug Cleaning in Manhattan

Properly taking care of area rugs will help them look their best and last as long as possible. However, not all rugs respond to the same types of treatments. Some rugs can be cleaned relatively easily at home, while others may do best with professional area rug cleaning in Manhattan.

The Basics

The easiest way to keep an area rug clean is to limit the contact it has with dirt in the first place. This means not wearing shoes in the house, cleaning up any spills right away, and using a rug pad. A rug pad will keep the rug off the floor and allow dirt to fall off the rug more easily. It also limits the damage to the rug from regular use. Keep the rug out of the sunlight so it doesn’t fade, and turn the rug regularly so one part of the rug doesn’t get excessively worn.


Regularly vacuuming both the front and back of the rug (but not the fringe) is the first step in area rug cleaning in Manhattan. If you have an antique rug or one that’s particularly valuable, you’ll want to avoid using the beater bar of the vacuum. In fact, with these rugs, it can be best to use the brush attachment instead and only vacuum in the direction of the grain of the rug. The rug can get damaged if you vacuum back and forth, and the vacuum can suck up and shred the fringe if you aren’t careful.


To really get a rug clean, it should be washed. This is often done using a rug cleaning solution and water and cleaning both the front and back of the rug. Silk rugs, however, can get damaged by water and should be dry cleaned. Some other types of rugs can’t be dry cleaned, as the solution is damaging to them. Make sure to get proper care instructions when purchasing the rug to verify the best way to wash the rug. Valuable rugs are best cleaned by professionals, as they know how to preserve the coloring and limit damage to the rug while cleaning it.

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