Fire in Cheyenne WY? Have Your Carpets Cleaned By Us!

When you have had a house fire, the carpets in your home can be restored in many cases. Fire damage in Cheyenne, WY, can be addressed by professionals, alleviating you of the burden of trying to rent and use unfamiliar equipment. Continue reading to find out how your carpets can be saved.

Standing Water Needs Removal
Firefighting can leave significant standing water. This can ruin your carpets if not removed. Special pumps are used to put the water into a outside drain. Then your carpets are assessed for restoration.

Water Injection and Extraction for Cleaning
If your carpet is not badly burnt, depending on the fiber they are made from, various cleaning agents are injected and extracted by a truck mounted ‘steam’ generator. This deep cleans carpet fibers, reducing or eliminating the ‘smoky’ smell and the germs that cause mold.

Drying to Prevent Mold and Rot
High powered fans are used to remove the humidity in the carpeting. These may be left for several days in basements where air flow is poor. This step is key to reducing fire damage in Cheyenne, WY, due to the typical cool weather conditions.

Who do I Call if I Need These Services?
Rocky Mountain Restoration is prepared to help you in the Cheyenne area with all your carpet restoration needs. We have the training, equipment, and knowledge to deal with your fire damaged carpets.

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