3 Situations that Require Emergency Pet Service in Rockville MD

For many people, their pets are loved and treated like another human family member. Just like with another human family member, when they get sick for unknown reasons, it’s a very scary situation. If the veterinarian’s office is closed, it’s hard to know if what is happening warrants a visit to the emergency clinic. Instead of panicking, here are a list of situations that emergency pet service in Rockville MD.

The first situation that would require an immediate trip to an emergency clinic is if there is difficulty breathing. If a pet sounds a little strange when they are breathing, pay close attention. Most veterinarians will warn that it only takes about three minutes without air for the pet to die. Do not take any chances and seek emergency pet service in Rockville MD as soon as possible.

The second situation that needs immediate attention is a seizure. While one seizure will not kill a pet, it is still a major concern. Seizures typically come in clusters and if left untreated will get progressively worse. In many cases, seizures will often happen because a poison or toxin was ingested by the animal at some point.

The third situation to be mindful of is if the pet is having difficulty urinating or is unable to urinate. This can sometimes mean a bladder infection is developing and while that is not a dire emergency, it is very painful. In more serious cases, difficulty urinating or inability to urinate could mean there is a blockage, which would need to be treated immediately.

The fourth situation that would warrant a visit to the emergency clinic would be the inability to use their hind legs. This usually means something is wrong with their spinal cord. It could be a matter of a pinched nerve or a serious injury to their spinal cord. Either case is not something that should be left alone as it is very painful. If caught quickly enough, there shouldn’t be any permanent damage.

Finally, any type of lack of appetite is a cause for concern. If the pet passes on one meal or a few treats, that isn’t anything to be really concerned about. A day or two of no eating would require immediate attention.

If there is ever a concern, do not hesitate to Contact The Groomery. It’s always better to be sure than be too late.

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