Three Tips for Orchestrating a Successful Empowerment Session

There are so many important factors to consider when you’re looking to host an empowerment session. In addition to getting a bunch of incredible people into a room, you’ll need to make sure you prepare the right atmosphere, secure the contracts and more. Before you start advertising your program, make sure you have the following steps taken care of.

Consider the Costs

Think about everything you’d like to see happen at the event. Consider if you’d like to serve refreshments, prepare take-home gifts and host a guest speaker. All of those things cost money. Create a budget that honors everything you’d like to do. You can opt to pay for everything yourself. You can also opt to charge the people who’d like to attend. By selling tickets, you can pay for the event. Depending on the type of endeavor it is, you might even want to charge enough that will allow you to earn a profit for yourself.

Secure a Location

Take a look at the various conference venues in NYC. Consider a location that’s central to where your guests are. It’s also important to secure conference venues in NYC area that are within your budget. Once you find the perfect location, make sure you secure it in advance. You don’t want to get yourself in a position where you don’t have venue because you forgot to secure it.

Find a ‘Day-Of’ Event Planner

When you’re trying to take care of the speaker, guests and the food, it can get pretty hectic. A day-of planner will take care of the details to make sure everyone and everything is where it needs to be. This will take the pressure off you.

As you work on implementing these key steps, know that it’s OK to use the assistance of others. If you’re not used to working through the details of putting on an event, it can get pretty overwhelming. By assigning various tasks to different people, you’ll be able to handle the load a bit better.

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